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In the movie Mission To Mars, the "Face on Mars" emits a communication to the astronauts which translates into 3D coordinates mapping out human DNA but with the last pair of chromosomes missing. The idea of this being that if humans ever found the communication, they could fill in the final pair of chromosomes as a sort of password. However, ea....... Read More
Recently I set out to create a description/synopsis area that truncated text and displayed a "Read More" toggle if the text was too long. Almost the only limitation I set was that I wanted it to be done without Javascript. I naïvely thought this would be easy using some overflow properties but I soon realised that that idea wouldn't work as text-o....... Read More


Someone has done it! Samuel Pizzey has set up a company called "; DROP TABLE "COMPANIES";-- LTD" as can be seen in the filling with Companies House. The company name seems to have been inspired by Bobby Tables:
I was recently in a conversation about Football (a sport which I know very little about) and thought it would be useful if there was a site for people to swot up on popular conversation topics. So I decided to set up a Wiki to crowd source not only information, but also opinions and "banter" subjects. Laravel Forge is my deployment system of choic....... Read More
Recently I added a simple blog to my website. Of course, there needs to be an entry point into each post and the obvious way to do this is have a list of recent blog posts with a small preview of each one. At first I merely truncated the article to the first few hundred characters. It soon became apparent that this wasn't ideal as the posts cont....... Read More

Laravel Sub-Domains

I recently implemented a simple blog on a sub-domain of my main site. However, I ran into several problems along the way. Laravel sub-domain routing requires that you specify the full domain name, which can be tricky if you want the routing to work on multiple environments. Sub-Domain Routing One of the first problems I found was that the ro....... Read More
Laravel has a great base project to start from when building a new app. However, I have found that I often start each project by making the same tweaks each time. These are tweaks such as enabling elixir, making a base layout template and adding an errors partial. So I wondered if I could reduce the time it took me to start the project. I am aware....... Read More